Observation af Ichneumon albiger

Indberettet af: Jonas Lutz
8 visninger
11. juni 2015

Ichneumon albiger 1 Imago hun


Af Geir Ørsnes og Camille Thirion forum.hymis.de/viewtopic.php...

Ichneumon albiger (Ichneumon albiger)
Af Geir Ørsnes: I get to Ichneumon albiger in both Perkins and Hilpert's keys. It's just that I don't have albiger in my collection, so don't have any individuals to make a direct comparison with (it's safer that way!). Count around 30 segments on antenna... First segment on flagellum (antenna) seems to have a length/width index around 1,5 from your photos (important detail in both keys). Also apical segments SEEMS to be transverse (wider than their length, end up with species group G4 in Hilpert). Can't find any other alternatives than albiger (the most similar species is possibly Ichneumon gracilentus, but I have plenty of gracilentus in my collection, it's not gracilentus!). - Og Camille Thirion forum.hymis.de/viewtopic.php... Foto: Jonas Lutz

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